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The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We would like you to know when we collect data, what data we collect and how we use these data. We have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that the provisions governing data protection are complied with, by both the Ministry and external service providers to whom we award contracts as part of the discharge of our functions. The servers on which the contents of the website are hosted are located in Germany. This does not include videos, audios and photostreams. These contents are hosted on the YouTube, Soundcloud and Flickr social networks. The terms and conditions of the respective network apply (cf. also "Use of social plug-ins" below).

Access to our website

Each time you access the website of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, data are stored in a log file for security purposes/to ensure proper operation. No personal data are stored. The following are saved:

  • name or URL of the file accessed;
  • date and time of the page view;
  • volume of data transmitted;
  • message stating whether the download was successful;
  • depersonalized IP address.

These data are used exclusively for statistical purposes and to improve our website. They will not be used to identify an individual user.

Data recorded when a person accesses the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure’s website will only be passed on to third parties if we are authorized to do so or obliged to do so by law or in order to comply with a court ruling or if we are required to pass on the information for law enforcement purposes in the case of an attack on our Internet infrastructure. Data will not be passed on for any other non-commercial or commercial purposes.

Communication in German sign language

By using SQAT (Signing Question and Answer Tool), the Federal Ministry of Transport und Digital Infrastructure provides deaf users of its website with the possibility of communicating accessibly in German sign language.

Deaf users can record an enquiry or message as a video in German sign language using the free SQAT service and a webcam. You then send this video to us and receive your reply as a video, also in German sign language. Compliance with data protection requirements is guaranteed at all times when using SQAT, because the entire communication channel is in a closed system. The documentation comprising the user's enquiry in German sign language, the translation into text, the reply in text and the translation into German sign language is available to the user for three months after receipt of the reply. Thereafter, the documentation will be obliterated for reasons of data protection.

Use of Cookies

To be able to offer you certain functions on our website, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of the web browser of the person visiting the site. Cookies make it possible to recognize the web browser and allow a web server to store information on a user’s computer in order, for instance, to allow certain website functions to be used, such as the shopping basket when placing orders. There is no risk of viruses being transmitted. Most browsers are set so as to accept cookies automatically. One drawback of cookies is that third parties can access information about your private life and surfing habits. You can decide yourself in your browser's settings how you wish to manage cookies. You can disable cookies or set your browser so that cookies are only stored for the duration of the current session. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Use of web analytics tools

On this website, we use the etracker web analytics tool produced by etracker GmbH. This is a program that we use to analyse the number of page views and type of use of our site in order to optimize it. All the IP addresses stored as part of these analyses are depersonalized. Personal user profiles are not generated. Cookies are also used here.

Without the specific consent of the individual affected, the data collected with the etracker technology will not be used to personally identify the visitor to this website and will not be merged with personal data relating to the holder of the pseudonym. You can opt out of this data collection and storage at any time by clicking here. This opt-out will remain effective in the future.

This exclusion stores a cookie on you browser containing the information that etracker may not collect any data whatsoever. Any cookies already stored will then be deleted. However, should you delete all the cookies on your browser, you may have to opt out of the use of these data again, because this information will also be lost.

Orders and newsletters

If you order publicity material, newsletters or brochures, we will ask you for your name and contact details that are necessary for any given form of delivery. It is entirely up to you whether you provide this information or not. By providing the details requested, you agree to your details being processed for the purposes of dispatch. It is not possible to post you the material you ordered unless you provide these details.

If you contact us to order publicity material, newsletters or other material, we will only use the personal information you provide within the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for the intended purposes. The data will be stored locally for processing, depersonalized and subsequently transmitted to a database for statistical analysis. Personal data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required and provided that there are no retention periods that prevent their deletion.

You can unsubscribe to our regular newsletter by clicking here.

Use of social plug-ins

On the pages of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, we refer to or present contents of the YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram and Flickr services. These services use cookies. To prevent your data from being transmitted to the server of the respective network as soon as you open the Ministry's website, transmission is preceded by a request for your consent, including a reference to the privacy provisions of the network. Not until you click on "Consent just once" or "Always consent" is the actual plug-in enabled and the link to the servers established (aka the 2-click solution). If you use the "Always consent" function, your decision will be stored in the local storage of your browser. The exception here is tweets. These are issued as CMS documents and are only linked to Twitter. They do not use cookies. Users are personally responsible for the use of these services and functions, and we explicitly point out that the YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram und Flickr services used by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure store the data of their users (for instance personal information, IP address, etc.) in accordance with their own data usage guidelines and use them for commercial purposes.

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has no influence on the collection of data and their further use (for instance location and duration of storage or linkage of the data) by social networks.

Links to external websites/share buttons

Our online service includes not only our own contents but also links to websites operated by other providers. If you use such a link, you will leave the Ministry's page and thus also its area of responsibility. The Ministry selected these links carefully and checked their contents when the link was first created. However, these external contents do not originate from the Ministry, nor does the Ministry have any influence on the contents of other providers’ sites. Share buttons are used to share contents on social networks. On this website, the contents of the following websites can be shared: Twitter, WhatsApp, Xing and Facebook. These share buttons use the same technology as links to other websites. In other words, no personal data are transmitted until you click on this link and are directed to the pages of the respective social network. Users are thus personally responsible for the use of these services and functions, and we explicitly point out that the Twitter, WhatsApp, Xing and Facebook services used by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure store the data of their users (for instance personal information, IP address, etc.) in accordance with their own data usage guidelines and use them for commercial purposes. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure cannot exert any influence on these providers to ensure that they comply with the privacy provisions or do not change their pages once the link has been created. We do not intend to continually monitor these sites, nor is such monitoring feasible. The Ministry cannot assume any liability for the contents of linked websites. The Ministry explicitly distances itself from any material that could give rise to criminal or civil liability or that may be offensive to some people. The contents of external sites to which the Ministry refers by means of links are provided solely for information purposes and to enable readers to understand the wider context.

Written or email enquiries

Public information enquiries sent in writing or by email to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure are filed in accordance with the Guidelines for Records Management, which are a supplement to the Joint Rules of Procedure of the Federal Ministries.

Forwarding your enquriy to third parties

We will not pass on your enquiry to other ministries, authorities or third parties for the purposes of answering your questions unless a legal basis for this exists, for instance if you have given your explicit consent.

Points of contact

If you wish to assert one of your rights to information, correction, deletion or blocking, please contact:

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
Hans-Peter König, Head of Division L 23/New Media
Invalidenstr. 44
D-10115 Berlin

In addition, you can contact the data protection commissioner appointed by us at the Ministry at any time. The email address is:

The supervisory data protection authority for the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

Amendments to this statement

As we evolve our website and implement new legal requirements or new technologies to improve the service we provide, it may be necessary to amend this privacy statement. If the online privacy statement of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is updated, we will provide these amendments here and update the amendment date of the document. We therefore recommend that you re-read this privacy statement from time to time.

Information for parents of minors

Children and young people should not send us any personal data without the consent of their parents or guardians. For reasons of data protection (data minimization), we do not collect the dates of birth of the users of our website. For this reason, it cannot be ruled out that, for instance, our newsletter is sent to minors.