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Cycling in Germany is booming

"The invention of the bicycle by Karl Drais in 1817 was probably also the start of the first mobility revolution of the modern age. Today, the bicycle is on the fast track and its popularity is increasing like that of no other means of transport. Bicycles are a symbol of active mobility and successful in-novation. They offer solutions to challenges societies are facing today such as the reduction of con-gestion, emissions and noise. Cycling is also being promoted by the spread of digital technology: it makes cycling simpler and increases the comfort and safety of cyclists."

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Infrastructure as a foundation for growth, jobs and prosperity

Andreas Scheuer, Bundesminister

"With the 2030 Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan and its upgrading acts as well as the investment ramp-up, we have launched the largest ever investment programme for transport infrastructure in Germany. We will consistently implement this programme in the years ahead."

Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

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Logistics – the smart transport of goods

Staatssekretär Steffen Bilger (Quelle: Steffen Bilger Homepage)

"High-performance logistics are a basic prerequisite for growth and prosperity in Germany. Digitalisation is changing processes rapidly and fundamentally. The integration of different modes of transport, environmentally friendly freight movements and ensuring adequate numbers of young logistics professionals remain priorities on our transport policy agenda."

Parliamentary State Secretary Steffen Bilger, Federal Government Coordinator for Freight Transport and Logistics

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