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BMVI is providing financial support for digital innovations

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Since 2016, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has been funding R&D projects related to digital data-based applications for Mobility 4.0 with a research initiative called mFUND.

What is eligible for funding?

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With mFUND, the BMVI is supporting the development of digital business ideas that are based on mobility, spatial and weather data. This includes, for example, new navigation services, innovative sharing platforms, intelligent journey planning or high-precision weather apps. Our funding kicks in the moment digital ideas are born and supports founders and start-ups in realizing these ideas - from the initial concept via the development to commercial maturity.

Who is eligible to apply?

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Founders, start-ups, enterprises, governmental and non-governmental higher education institutions, associations as well as R&D authorities and institutions can request financial support. Projects with cooperation partners from industry, academia and practice can receive funding, too.

What is the level of assistance?

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mFUND will provide funding totalling 150 million euros over the period to the end of 2020. There are two funding lines: 1. Elaborations of project proposals and preliminary studies and 2. Applied research and experimental development.

The funding support is paid pro rata based on the expenses. In funding line 1, financial support is provided for up to twelve months for documented expenses for a maximum of 100,000 euros; funding line 2 provides funding for up to three years for a maximum of 3 million euros. The rate of funding is 50 percent for large enterprises and 80 percent for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for collaborative partnerships. The funding rate for higher education institutions and scientific research institutions is established individually and can be up to 100 percent.

What criteria are applied to the approval of funding applications?

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All funding applications are reviewed as part of a two-stage competitive evaluation procedure. During the first stage (professional examination), the preliminary project outlines are evaluated regarding substance. During the second stage (formal examination), the applicants of all projects that were positively assessed during stage one will be requested to submit a formal funding application. The BMVI is responsible for the approval.


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Further information on the application

If you have any organizational, technical or operational questions, please do not hesitate to contact Division DG 21 (free of charge). We can also provide initial non-committal feedback on your ideas/drafts.


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