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Transport and logistics


The Federal Government’s Freight Transport and Logistics Action Plan is a strategic approach containing concrete measures for the future direction of freight transport.

Freight Transport and Logistics Action Plan– Towards a Sustainable and Efficient Future

The Action Plan will help to ensure the efficiency of our freight transport and logistics sector in the future.

The foundations of future prosperity are properly functioning and globally connected transport flows. We need to strengthen and expand Germany's position as a global leader in the logistics sector. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure thus joined forces with the freight transport and logistics industry, environmental groups and trade unions to further evolve the Action Plan that was drafted in 2010, which was published in December 2015. The updated tasks and newly included measures are presented in the "Freight Transport and Logistics Action Plan – Towards a Sustainable and Efficient Future". Thus, the Action Plan provides the framework for action to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. It was updated for the first time in June 2016. The substantial progress made in terms of implementation is highlighted in the online version in order to make it transparent and comprehensible.

Traffic forecasts show the following: There will be a dramatic rise in freight traffic levels

A modern industrial and service economy based on the division of labour and a successful business location cannot function without an efficient transport system. Current studies forecast a growth in tonne kilometres of around 70 percent between 2004 and 2025. Closely linked with this growth are environmental and climate change challenges. Today, already, transport is responsible for around 20 percent of CO2 emissions and accounts for around 70 percent of total petroleum consumption.