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Traffic control centre
Traffic control centre

Source: Niedersächsische Landesbehörde für Straßenbau und Verkehr

By using new information, communications and guidance technologies in transport (transport telematics), government and industry can see the potential to make mobility, in all of its diverse forms, sustainable, efficient and as environmentally sound as possible for both industry and individuals.

Transport telematics contributes towards coping with the high volume of traffic by providing intelligent, technical solutions. Experience has shown that use of these systems as a supplement to the classic transport policy instruments of "investment and regulatory policy" has borne fruit.

The public sector and private enterprise are agreed that the planning, organisation and operation of telematics systems and services are primarily private enterprise tasks. Depending on development progress and current needs, the state's task is to create the necessary parameters.

In recent years, the (former) Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development has been accomplishing this in close co-operation with industry. To maintain the close contact which is necessary, the Federal Ministry has set up the "Economic Forum on Transport Telematics". This is comprised of high-ranking political, service provider and industry representatives. The relevant steering group meets twice a year and then discusses current transport telematics issues.