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Returning traveller

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All information of the Federal Ministry of Health can be found here.

Information on safety concerning cross-border collective passenger transport (as at: 17 February 2021)

  • The digital entry registration can be completed online by means of a web form to be found at Travellers will then receive a relevant confirmation.
  • In exceptional cases, a substitute registration in paper format may be completed.
  • Carriers providing cross-border services (rail, bus, aircraft, ship) must check before departure whether travellers can present the confirmation of the digital entry registration (in rail services this can also be checked during the carriage). Plausibility is checked by comparing this registration with the travel documents (e.g. ticket or boarding pass).
  • It is prohibited to carry passengers who cannot present a digital entry registration.

Measures taken by the EU for cross-border collective passenger transport

On 24 July 2020, the Council of the European Union adopted conclusions to comply with the necessary hygiene and infection control rules in the written procedure and as part of the EU response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to ensure cross-border collective passenger transport in the European Union.

The confidence of passengers in land, inland waterway and air transport as well as that of persons employed in these sectors would have to be restored by minimizing the risk of infection in cross-border collective passenger transport through the implementation of targeted hygiene and infection control measures. Among other things it is recommended to:

  • Observe physical distance or, if this is not possible, wear masks,
  • Increasingly use the digital acquisition and inspection of tickets,
  • Comply with high standards for fresh air circulation and the cleanliness of transport means.

Furthermore, the Council asks the Commission and the Member States to continue the coordination of the application of the guidelines and recommendations for the transport sector which were adopted at national and EU levels with regard to COVID-19.