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The link between mobility and sustained energy supply is essentially important to Germany's future development as an economic location. This not only involves the aspect of ensuring sustainable mobility, which also necessitates energy supply security. It also refers to public acceptance of traffic in view of the increasing requirements being made on its environmental compatibility.

Due to long-term economic and ecological effects, the Federal Government believed it was high time to draw up a transparent and calculable concept for the use of competitive, alternative fuels and powertrain technologies.

The purpose of the fuels strategy is to concentrate resources on alternative fuels and powertrains which are regarded as promising by both the Federal Government and industry and to accelerate their development.

As part of the National Sustainable Development Strategy, the Federal Government has presented a strategy concept for the time horizon up to 2020, the "Federal Government Fuels Strategy", under the overall responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, in the light of international developments. This supports in Germany the launch of fuels from alternative/renewable energy sources and innovative powertrain technologies, which, from a current perspective, are deemed economically and ecologically sound in the long term.

This is based on an intensive evaluation process (called a "matrix process"), which was conducted by an interdisciplinary panel of experts on behalf of the Federal Government throughout 2003/2004.