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A moving bicycle.

Source: BMVI - Susanne Panozzo

With the 2030 Climate Change Programme of the Federal Government additional funds that amount to 900 million euros are to be invested in cycling alone until 2023. Combined with the current funding possibilities of around 560 million euros, around 1.46 billion euros will be available for the promotion of cycling and cycling infrastructure upgrades until 2023. The following table presents the grand total of the available funds.

Funding programmesCurrent situation
in € (millions)

New 2030 Climate Change Programme:

in € (millions)

in € (millions)
Financial assistance to the federal states for the special programme for cities and rural areas up to-657.23657.23
Promoting cycling pilot projects2.00125.00127.00
Grants for upgrading and extending the German Cycling Network 1.0045.0046.00
Grants for non-capital pilot projects17.12-17.12
Financial assistance for equipping and retrofitting motor vehicles with turn assist systems37.00-37.00
Construction of cycle tracks along federal highways399.00-399.00
Strengthening of towpaths for cycling along federal waterways4.36-4.36
Financial assistance for cycle superhighways 97.7772.77170.54