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Despite all efforts made by the Federal Government in the field of road safety, it should be noted that road safety is not just the responsibility of policymakers, but something that concerns society as a whole. As a consequence, the
Road Safety Programme of the Federal Government published in 2011 as well as the mid-term review are not only road maps for road safety activities in the years ahead. They also call on all
clubs and associations, companies, schools, action groups and other groups as well as individuals involved in road safety activities to continue their commitment. It is only by joining forces that we will achieve more safety in road traffic. We are currently working on the Road Safety Programme for the next decade (2021 – 2030), which will be published soon. It is based on a common strategy of the Federal Government and the federal states, which aims at involving all stakeholders in road safety activities.

Accident prevention in road traffic in a nutshell: the
Accident Prevention Report (UVB)

The report of the Federal Government on measures in the field of accident prevention in road traffic (Unfallverhütungsbericht Straßenverkehr, UVB in short) takes stock of the previous two-year period. Starting from an analysis of the accident situation in road traffic in the relevant reporting period, the diverse road safety activities are described and current road safety and research measures are presented. Furthermore, the report outlines national and international road safety policy.

Every two years, this comprehensive account of ongoing activities in the area of road safety is submitted to the German Bundestag.

Campaigns und information

Through the provision of grants for prevention measures to enhance road safety, the Ministry provides financial assistance totalling around 15 million euros annually to numerous nationwide projects. When it comes to campaigns and information measures the German Road Safety Council (DVR) and the German Accident Prevention Organization (DVW) are important partners of the Federal Government.

European and international road safety policy

In the past few decades, road safety in Germany has reached a very high level. This is all the more important, as Germany is one of the most significant transit countries at the heart of Europe. Germany is contributing its experience and knowledge to the European and international activities while, at the same time, benefitting from a joint approach and harmonised rules. For this reason, Germany is contributing intensively to European and international projects and discussions on enhancing road safety, developing road safety strategies, adopting resolutions at United Nations level (UN) as well as bilaterally exchanging information and experiences on road safety activities with individual states. Therefore, national road safety activities in Germany are linked to European and international activities.