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Minister Dobrindt during the opening press conference of the International Transport Forum
Minister Dobrindt during the opening press conference of the International Transport Forum

Source: BMVI

Germany is hosting the International Transport Forum for the eighth time from 27 to 29 May. More than 1100 participants representing 70 countries are meeting in Leipzig to participate in an international exchange of views on mobility and transport. This year's summit focuses on "Transport, trade and tourism - Mobility for a connected world". The digitalization of mobility will be one of the key issues.

Alexander Dobrindt:

We are living a mobility revolution which is comparable to the invention of the automobile: The leap to mobility 4.0. In the next years, intelligent transport systems and automated vehicles, which will be interlinked and communicate with one another, will bring about fundamental changes in transport. They will make transport safer and more secure, greener and more convenient. Policymakers have the responsibility to pave the way for these innovations, in Germany and all over the world.

The Federal Minister of Transport has established an "Automated Driving" round table to set the legal framework for automated driving. Together with industry and academia, the Federal Ministry is developing a common position on a number of basic questions related to automated driving, for instance questions concerning liability and insurance regulations. The "digital motorway test bed" on the A9 motorway in Bavaria is another key issue. Manufacturers and users will have the opportunity to apply and test innovative technologies there.

The International Transport Forum (ITF) was founded in 2006. It considers its role to be an international think tank for mobility policy. It currently has 54 member states and will grow to 57 this year. Argentina, Morocco and Israel will join the ITF. The ITF Presidency rotates annually. New Zealand has the 2015 ITF Presidency.