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Automated vehicles are presented to the G7 Ministers of Transport
Automated vehicles are presented to the G7 Ministers of Transport

Source: BMVI

On 16 and 17 September 2015, a meeting of the G7 transport ministers is taking place at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main, hosted by Alexander Dobrindt, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Minister Dobrindt is receiving his counterparts from Japan, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy and France.

The G7 Ministers, the European Commissioner for Transport and leading industry representatives are discussing two topics which will be of importance in the future: the modernization of infrastructure as the basis for growth, prosperity and jobs and the advancement of automated and connected driving on the way towards Mobility 4.0.

Modern Infrastructure: No prosperity without mobility

Dobrindt said:

In a globalized and digitalized world, infrastructure and mobility are the basis for prosperity and all the success stories of our nations: economic strength, exports, logistics services, quality of life and freedom of the people. In the years to come, Germany will invest more money in infrastructure than ever before in order to seize the opportunities for growth and prosperity provided by mobility.

The G7 Ministers agree that sufficient funds need to be made available for the modernization and structural maintenance of the existing infrastructure as well as for new construction and upgrading. In view of limited conventional public funds, new approaches to infrastructure financing have to be developed. This includes increased user funding but also public private partnerships (PPPs). Concerning this matter, the ministers have agreed to engage in an intensive dialogue and exchange ideas and best practices.

Automated and connected driving – The leap to mobility 4.0.

The world is about to experience a major revolution in the field of mobility – automated and connected driving. The car will turn into the "third place", i.e. into another important place in people's lives alongside their homes and offices. Real-time car-to-infrastructure data communication will combat congestion and reduce the number of accidents. Automated and connected driving facilitates the leap towards Mobility 4.0 and makes traffic safer, more efficient and cleaner.

At the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Minister Dobrindt presented his "Strategy for Automated and Connected Driving" to his counterparts from the G7 countries.

The G7 Transport Ministers support automated and connected driving. They agree that a harmonized regulatory framework needs to be developed so that innovative technologies can be applied across national borders. Fundamental questions concerning the role and responsibilities of the driver have to be answered. The technologies must be safe and reliable.

The G7 Ministers agree to long-term cooperation in the following areas:

  • coordinating research and promotion of global standards

within an internationally harmonized regulatory framework

  • evolving the technical regulations
  • guaranteeing data protection and cyber security

Highly automated functions are to be used on motorways first and then, gradually in more complex environments and, in the future, in cities, too. The aim is to give automated and connected driving a significant boost.

This cooperation and dialogue process will be continued for both issues at the next meeting of the G7 Ministers of Transport which will be hosted by Japan in Karuizawa, Nagano in 2016.