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Telecommunications companies continue their billion investments
Telecommunications companies continue their billion investments

Source: Horst Wagner

The members of the “Network Alliance for a Digital Germany” issued, at a meeting with Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt in Brussels, concrete commitments to invest in broadband expansion: In 2016 the telecommunications companies want to invest, under continuing investment-friendly framework conditions for all participants in the market, eight billion euros in the expansion of the digital networks. Last year the companies had already invested eight billion euros in broadband expansion and an additional four billion euros in new mobile radio frequencies.


The members of the Network Alliance have fully honored their commitments to invest billions last year. I very much welcome this effort. I am very pleased that the great willingness of the companies continues also in 2016. Today already we have the highest dynamics in broadband expansion in Europe, and with the eight billion euros of network investments we further extend this top position. And in addition we see to it with the Federal Development Program that fast internet will also arrive in regions where, seen from an economic perspective only, the network expansion would not pay off. The great demand of the local communities shows: The approximately 2.7 billion euros of financial support are quickly and specifically invested in undersupplied regions.

At the meeting the “Network Alliance for a Digital Germany” also agreed on the preparation of a study on the issue of the Gigabit Society. The urgent question here is what types of bandwidth and what latency periods the industry and the society will need in the next few years – e.g. for automated and connected driving.

After the meeting Federal Minister Dobrindt and the Network Alliance met with Günther Oettinger, the EU Commissioner for Digital Economy. The talks concerned the European strategy and the standards to be developed for the way to the Gigabit Society. This also involves the question how Europe can become the pioneer for the introduction of the future mobile radio standard 5G.