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Federald Minister Dobrindt Kickoff mFUND

Source: BMVI

Today, Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt is launching the mFUND. The mFUND is a financial assistance programme with which the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) will provide about 100 million euros over the period to 2020 to promote digital business ideas that are based on mobility, spatial and weather data. Today, Minister Dobrindt will present the mFUND officially during a kick-off event. With this event, Mr Dobrindt is launching the first call for proposals for project funding.

Mr Dobrindt said:

Mobility is one of the major fields of digital innovation. Here, Germany must lead the way and actively shape the leap towards Mobility 4.0. For this, we need the innovative capacity and the creativity of digital visionaries. Here, business founders, developers and start-ups will set the pace. The digital innovation cycle depends on speed and pioneering spirit. With the mFUND we are promoting young and fresh ideas for digital innovation in the field of mobility. The mFUND is the basis for a new ecosystem for mobility start-ups.

With the mFUND, new research projects in the categories of “industrial research”, “experimental development” and “feasibility studies” will be promoted. This funding is to particularly promote smaller enterprises and start-ups. Funding priorities are “data access”, “data based applications” and “data governance”.

The following are eligible for funding:

  1. Project proposals / preliminary studies with funding of up to 100,000 euros and a duration of up to one year. It has been possible to submit project outlines ever since the Funding Guidelines were published (in the Federal Law Gazette on 3 June 2016).

  2. Applied research and experimental development with funding of up to 3 million euros and a duration of up to 3 years. Project outlines can be submitted until 26 August 2016. The most eligible outlines will be selected. Subsequently, the applicants will be asked to submit the necessary documents for a formal application.

A prerequisite for funding from the mFUND is that the data is related to BMVI contexts. The data can also be used in combination with other data. Data-based projects that are related to the BMVI in terms of their content can also be funded.

BM Dobrindt gibt Kick-Off für mFUND