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Opening of the 2017 International Transport Forum with Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt

Source: BMVI

From 31 May to 2 June, Germany will host the International Transport Forum (ITF) for the tenth time. More than 1000 participants representing about 70 countries will meet in Leipzig to participate in an international exchange of views on mobility and transport. The topic of this year's summit with Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt is "Governance of Transport", i.e. the governments’ responsibility for mobility.

Opening Speech by Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt at the 2017 International Transport Forum (in German)

Mr Dobrindt said:

The digital transformation of mobility is the most exciting innovation phase that we are witnessing since motorization. In this context, governments have to assume a special responsibility, as innovations tend to concentrate on major urban areas. However, they also have to take place in the rural areas to make sure that everybody can participate in these processes and enjoy their benefits. Therefore, we are now investing record sums to build a nationwide efficient infrastructure. We will bring gigabit networks to the rural areas and get automated vehicles on the roads. More than any other country, Germany has very strong rural areas. Mobility 4.0 gives us the opportunity to further enhance this strength.

Open Data Panel with Parliamentary State Secretary Bär at the 2017 International Transport Forum (in German)

The International Transport Forum was founded in 2006. It considers itself to be an international think tank for mobility policy. Currently, the ITF has 57 member states and will grow to 59 this year, as Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates will join the ITF. The ITF Presidency rotates annually and is held by Mexico this year.

The complete programme of the International Transport Forum can be found at: