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Source: BMVI

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) will shortly award the contract for the operation of the passenger car toll scheme in Germany.

A consortium of the Austrian company Kapsch TrafficCom and the German company CTS EVENTIM is to be awarded the contract.
Today, the consortium was informed about the planned award decision.

The contract for the enforcement of the passenger car toll was already awarded to the Austrian bidder Kapsch TrafficCom on 22 October this year.

Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer:

The passenger car toll is coming - within this parliamentary term. We are now ready to start the technical and organisational implementation and the precise setting up of the systems. With the passenger car toll, we will deliver more
justice on our roads. If you drive, you pay. This applies to foreign vehicle keepers, too. So far, they did not contribute to the funding. All the revenues will be ring-fenced and reinvested in our roads.

The bidding consortium of Kapsch TrafficCom and CTS EVENTIM had participated in the Europe-wide tender of the Federal Government.
The operator is to be a joint venture consisting of two partners who equally own 50 percent of the shares.

The contract will finally be awarded by the Federal Government after the period of 10 days demanded due to the notification requirement and the standstill obligation, during which unsuccessful bidders have the opportunity to make legal claims, has elapsed.

The contract between the Federal Government and the operator will run for 12 years beginning with the first day of operation. The Federal Government is able to prolong the cooperation to up to a maximum of 15 years in total.

After the award of contract, the operator will set up the tolling system. Tolls will be levied in the form of an electronic vignette (e-vignette). The operator’s responsibilities will include, but not be limited to the development and operation of an app and a website that can be used by keepers of foreign-registered vehicles to log on and the deployment and operation of a system for the manual purchasing of vignettes (including physical points of payment).

Further information

  • The relevant Act on the Introduction of Infrastructure Charging was adopted in the previous parliamentary term.
  • The award process for enforcement and operation contracts was initiated subsequently.
  • The passenger car tolling scheme will make car drivers pay for using motorways in the future.
  • Because of a reduced motor vehicle tax rate, there will be no additional burden on German vehicle keepers.
  • The tolling scheme is compliant with European law.