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Bundesminister Andreas Scheuer zur Deutschen Bahn

Source: BMVI

Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer decided today that the Federal Government will permanently take over the operation of the HGV tolling scheme.

The contract with toll operator company Toll Collect expired on 31 August 2018. The Federal Government had therefore taken over the company in the interim and conducted a Europe-wide search for a new tolling scheme operator.

Andreas Scheuer:

The Federal Government will levy HGV tolls itself in the future. The outcomes of the economic efficiency study are obvious: In the current environment, the operation of the tolling system by the Federal Government represents better value for money than awarding it to a private sector company. Economic efficiency is and has always been the top priority for the Federal Government in the tendering procedure. This is why the tendering procedure has been cancelled. I have informed the bidders about the Federal Government's decision. The past few months have shown that the Federal Government can guarantee the secure operation of the tolling scheme. The system works as planned. The HGV toll is a successful model which provides reliable revenues in the billions for modern and safe streets - on average around 7.2 billion euros between 2018 and 2022.

In 2016, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure initiated a Europe-wide tendering procedure to search for a new private sector tolling scheme operator. This process was based on a provisional value for money assessment by the consultancy firm KPMG AG. The outcome of the assessment was, at first, that the operation of the tolling system by a private sector entity represented better value for money than the operation by the Federal Government itself.

Following a break-through after many years of discussions on the tolling scheme, the successful extension of the HGV toll to all federal highways and the take-over of Toll Collect GmbH by the Federal Government in September 2018, the framework conditions for the tendering procedure had changed substantially. Potential risks associated with the clarification of legal issues have, among others, decreased significantly. Additionally, potential synergies between the HGV tolling scheme and the systems for levying and enforcing the infrastructure charge have been examined.

The economic efficiency study was updated, taking into account these new parameters.

The recalculation of this study revealed that, in this changed environment, it was more advantageous for the Federal Government to realise the tolling scheme itself than to award it to someone else. As a consequence, under the conditions assumed in the economic efficiency study, the Federal Government would save 357 million euros if it remained the owner of Toll Collect in the 12 months that were envisaged for the contract in the tendering procedure instead of awarding it to a private sector entity. This result provided the basis for the Federal Government's decision to cancel the tendering procedure and become the permanent operator of the tolling scheme.

It is the declared goal of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure to be transparent and make all documents relevant for the decision accessible to the public. Personal data and third-party data that must be protected have been blanked out.

Video statement by Federal Minister Scheuer (in German):

Bundesminister Andreas Scheuer zu Bahn und Lkw-Maut