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Illustration: News about Personal Light Electric Vehicles

Source: BMVI/Twitter

Personal Light Electric Vehicles are to be allowed on German streets even before the summer break. The notification at the European level has been concluded, and the Federal Cabinet today adopted the Regulation on the participation of Personal Light Electric Vehicles in road traffic. Now, the draft can be forwarded to the Bundesrat. The aim is that the Regulation on Personal Light Electric Vehicles should enter into force in spring 2019, as soon as the Bundesrat has consented.

Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer:

We want new ways of modern, environmentally friendly and clean mobility in our cities. E-scooters hold an enormous potential for the future. Together with public transport, they will provide a real additional alternative to the car and are ideal for the last mile from the underground, rapid transit or bus stop to your home or work. This is how we are paving the way for the mobility of the future while at the same time ensuring safety on our roads.

Illustration: Personal Light Electric Vehicles

Source: BMVI

At the European level, the new Type Approval Regulation (EU) No 168/2013 for two- or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles has applied since January 2016. Selfbalancing vehicles and vehicles without seat are explicitly excluded from the scope of application of this regulation. Due to the increasing demand for Personal Light Electric Vehicles, the gap caused by the EU regulation is to be bridged at the national level. To date, only specific self-balancing mobility aids, for example Segways, can be legally operated on public roads in accordance with the rules for mobility aid.

A German version of the draft is available at: