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Following an initiative taken by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, an agreement has now been signed launching the National BIM Centre of Excellence. The two federal ministries will operate the National BIM Centre of Excellence jointly, thereby ensuring uniform and coordinated procedures in the construction of infrastructure and engineering structures. The aim is to speed up the digital revolution in construction. The contract for planning and operation was awarded to planen-bauen 4.0 GmbH.

Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer said:

The future belongs to digital building – model-based, cooperative and efficient in all phases of the works. The establishment of the centre of excellence, which complements the systematic implementation of the phased plan, is a further milestone in the digital transformation of construction in Germany and a major prerequisite for the delivery of federal construction projects. In addition, the Building Information Modelling method presents an opportunity to effectively integrate new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics and 3D printing in the future.

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said:

The digital revolution is transforming all sectors –and that also applies to the design, construction and operation of buildings. Digital methods make the delivery of projects more efficient, faster and less expensive. The construction industry will benefit from this, as will ultimately all those who use the buildings. And it is here that the National BIM Centre of Excellence comes into play, by interlinking the major stakeholders and pooling expertise. This is a crucial step forward in the digital transformation of construction.

The BIM planning method makes it possible to reliably review costs, quality and progress and fosters interdisciplinary cooperation in all phases. The centre of excellence will cover all spheres of the design, construction and use of infrastructure and engineering structures and serve as a public one-stop shop for information relevant to BIM. It will support the Federal Government in performing the following functions:

  • development and implementation of a uniform standardization and open BIM strategy;
  • preparation of initial training and continuing professional development schemes;
  • development of requirements and benchmarks;
  • establishment and maintenance of a BIM portal with a database, verification tools and BIM objects.