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Source: BMVI

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, in a close dialogue with the Federal Network Agency, has concluded a new agreement to significantly improve mobile communications network coverage in border areas.

Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, said:

Everyone has to be able to make phone calls and surf the Internet – anytime and anywhere. This is what we are working on most thoroughly. For many people who live in border areas and have experienced difficulties with network coverage in the past, we have now found a solution: Together with the Federal Network Agency and the network operators, we will provide coverage for more than 780,000 households in border regions with immediate effect.

The challenge so far: mobile radio knows no boundaries. Mobile operators have set up numerous LTE stations in the border regions, but – due to the interpretation of the rules on coordination abroad – they cannot fully exploit the existing potential. These rules regulate the strength of mobile signals sent from Germany into the neighbouring country. Mobile operators can now activate LTE stations that were previously not switched on and fully activate LTE stations that were previously operated at reduced power.

Together with the Federal Network Agency and the mobile network operators, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has developed a concept for the further development of the border coordination procedure within the existing legal framework. The aim is for mobile network operators to quickly close all supply gaps previously caused by issues of cross-border coordination.

Mobile operators will now implement these measures step by step. Improvements in mobile communications coverage are expected with immediate effect.

The measure is part of the mobile communications strategy, which completes the action plan for improving mobile communications coverage in Germany following the spectrum auction of the Federal Network Agency with its ambitious upgrading requirements and the upgrading offensive recently contractually agreed with the mobile network operators by the Federal Government.