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Today, Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, opened the newly constructed section of the B 15n federal highway between Ergoldsbach and Essenbach to traffic.

Scheuer said:

The new B 15n provides better mobility. The users of this federal highway will benefit from more road safety and a strong link between Regensburg and Landshut. The people living near the former route will benefit from an improvement in their quality of life: fewer cars, less noise and fewer exhaust emissions. It is a win-win situation for the people in Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate.

The B 15n is one of the last large new construction projects on the Bavarian trunk road network. The Federal Government has invested over 182 million euros in the 9 kilometre long section that has now been opened to traffic. Thus, the federal highway has now been upgraded to four lanes over an entire 30 kilometre long section between Regensburg and Landshut.

When completed, the B 15n is to link up the centres of the Upper Palatinate, Lower Bavaria and Eastern Upper Bavaria, covering a length of 140 kilometres. At the same time, it will link up the A8, A 92, A 93 and A 94 federal motorways. This will enhance the robustness and efficiency of the entire road network in the Southeast.