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Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer is taking part in today’s informal video conference of EU transport ministers. The discussions will focus on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the transport sector and further required action. It is already the second virtual meeting of the EU transport ministers and Transport Commissioner Valean.

Ahead of the meeting, Federal Minister Scheuer stated:

The free and unrestricted movement of goods must be ensured in order to provide people and businesses in Germany with vital goods quickly and reliably Here, there is still a need for better coordination within the European Union. Well-functioning freight transport operations are indispensable to international supply and production chains and thus for the stabilization and recovery of our economy.

I will also lobby to ensure that the transport sector, which is severely affected by the crisis, receives appropriate support from the EU, be it financial or by the necessary temporary adjustments of legislation. I am particularly concerned about the aviation sector, which is especially hard hit by the crisis.
For the phase when we progressively ramp up transport operations, on which the Commission has announced proposals, I will urgently request that, here, coordinated proposals for procedures be developed which, in particular, take health protection into account, e.g. by establishing distancing and hygiene rules. It is imperative that distortions of competition caused by states rushing ahead with uncoordinated measures or negative impacts on other EU Member States be kept at bay.